1 August 2010

veg veg veg & herbs too

well hello there again lovely reader's thanx for stopping by!!!!
me and the boy's have decided a little green fingered action was required in out garden..... to go with their new house so we have been planting away

the boy's have stolen my newly bought gloves!!!

and finn is so happy to be able to use our newly bought watering can!!!
this is the first bit of decoration for out hoose!!!

this is our carrot's rocket & herb's!!!!

now that i have Finn into the gardening.... he has his very own spade!!!!
loves getting involved, even in the weeding!!!

watch this space to see if we actually have any carrot's!!!!!


1 comment:

  1. Start them young ;) then they'll be useful like my 2 were today :)

    Carrots don't take too long - about 12 weeks I think.


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