1 August 2010

library rummage

hello hello happy Sunday to you
so my part of flea market find's this week is all about book's

i have to say i L_O_V_E my library
it always has a sale shelf but this week was more than fruitful...
i recently got the partner to the bottom book (embroidery)
the 2nd is one i was about to buy on amazon i have had my eye on it forever!!!
i plan to open a online shop soon so the this book will be good for a read
the 4th is about American architecture and look forward to getting a nose
and the last book is a little fiction for when i finish carrie dairy's

these book's all cost £2.20
like i said i love my library
and who wouldn't with these prices

check out other bargain hunter's here!!!



  1. Lovely finds! Hope you find more treasures this week ;-)

  2. that samplers book must be amazing!

  3. thanx a million ladies the sampler book id fab has stuff from all over.... loving the mexican stuff!!!

  4. The Home-Based Business for Dummies would be a great one. Look forward to seeing how it prepares you for your business. Good luck!


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