20 August 2010

new to stash mmmmm

hey hey hey peep's
so i have been at the bargain table in mission hall again.... i feel that i just can't walk past it i have to have a peek...... there's always something that will grab my eye!!!!!

a lot of this is ear marked for taggy comforter's more bag's for my wee shop that will be opening soon wish me luck!!!!!

this is a sneak peek at my vintage kimono silk's i have been buying these form a man in japan and now don't know what to do with them..... they seem to lovely to cut up but it must be done i have to share the vintage loving!!!!
i am open to suggestion's!!!!
any ideas?!?!?!?!?



  1. I think I would have as much trouble as you to try and cut them up. I'm no help at all am I?

  2. How about Japanese Knot bags?
    I love your stash! mmmm indeed!
    The fabric in my last post was from all over, some Japanese, some 70's vintage, some Scottish guild, and some dunelm basic's!
    I am so glad your going to open a shop :)

  3. Beautiful fabrics. Vintage kimono silk seems luxurious and delicate - just right for ... kimonos! Why not use them for what they are intended? Just an idea.


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