4 August 2010

my creative space 04.08.10

hello there peep's :)
so as it turn's out i love my sewing machine....
but i have found a lost love for my wooliness!!!

so my creative space is a mixed lot this week we have my granny Mattie's scarf trim coming along only 5 more row's and then I'm on to fringing!!!

my cardi is coming along.... slowly but i am desperate to get the above trim done!!!

this is a custom made coffee cozy in the making, i have made one for Cathrine my friend already but forgot the pic!!!!!

and this is 4 up-cycled tea towel's that will be a bunting for Finn & frazer's new house, Finn's birthday is on the 12th so very much need to get my ass in to gear and get decorating!!!!
please do have a look if you missed it last week i am oh so proud!!

and i have managed to pick up Finn's blanket again .... i have to say it was beginning to get a wee bit much but i have picked up the hook 3.5mm hook again and have found a rhythm....

so lovely lovely reader's what have you been up too
for some inspiration head on over to the lovely kirsty
as ever thanx for hosting lovie!!!!



  1. Everything looks amazing, how clever are you!!

  2. Nothing like a deadline to spur on the creativity. Plenty of time.

  3. wow, lot's going on..Yay for progress looks lovely!

  4. The green piece is looking wonderful.

  5. Looks intriguing! So many pieces coming at the same time.

  6. oh my goodness me you're busy!!!
    that green scarf trim looks wayyyyyy delicate and petite! makes my head hurt just looking at it ha ha!


  7. you're a busy little bee. I love the scarf.

  8. you have been busy! that scarf trim is just divine, loving the colour too. The coffee snugs look very trendy also, you must be good at not spilling it to be using white!

  9. Love the colour of the top fibre. Very pretty.

  10. you have been so busy ... and everything looks amazing. I love the coffee cosy's. i love black and white together.
    My Creative Space

  11. Love the scarf trim, its so beautiful!

  12. Hi Traci!
    I've tried contacting you via your email but it doesn't appear to get through to you. I'm just wanting to let you know that you've won the giveaway I held over at Crap I've Made - the Whip Up Mini Quilts book. Please email me when you get a mo.


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