16 August 2010

a few scrap's a quilt along

well hello there lovely reader's

this morning going through my reading list i notice
a few scrap's is having a quilt sew along but not any kind of quilt along..... it is going to be all about the free-motion quilting...... not the pattern of the top, i think that this will be such a informative sew-along, i have still not finished this quilt due to be honest time but fear comes it to it a fair bit too..... also how the hell do i lower the feed dog's really have to get the manual out!!!!!

here is the quilt in question.....

i also have 3-4 more quilts 1 want to make so must get to making!!!!

i hope that Christina will be covering
how to gain confidence in quilting....
as i want to do train quilting for my boy's.....
cowboy-hat quilting for my grandad.....
and ball's of wool & needles for my granny mattie...
i have been bitten by the bug!!!!

Christina is holding a giveaway with this quilt along it's open till the 21st......
so go have a wee peek
i believe this is for new quilter's as-well as old



  1. I have a wee switch at the back of my machine, to the right of the free arm that moves my feed dogs down :)
    Is that just fizzy pop in your new front pic or something a little more JD? :)
    Mmmm steak pie...

  2. hey you i am not to sure how to lower the feed dog's but will check it out prob over the weekend have so many job's to finish!!!! there is vodka in my glass up top!!!! the pie is lovely firm fav at my house!! xx

  3. PS I just noticed your banner and guess what, I picked exactly that same photo:)

  4. yeh i like this one has a element of children too if you look hard there are toy's in the background!!! so looking forward to it on your blog!!!! xx


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