24 August 2010

gail mahon's craft ni

another post huh already!!!!
must be on a roll

so over the last week i have been involved in helping gail mahon a very talented ceramic's artist based here in derry, who is taking part in the
august craft month ni....more craft ni here too.

the theme of this month was

so came to life gail's
ceramic's patchwork installation
in collaboration with my much loved
mission hall quilts

with gails vision of contemporary art and traditional quilting coming together, to create a whole new feast for the eye's... something different..... she hit the nail on the head!!!!

i did my best to get over town as often as i could but dear reader's kid's just don't like a rota, and my boy's never go to sleep at the same time so!!!! as all of the quilting work was hexagon's or elongated hexagon i mentioned crochet hexagons.... and Gail loved the idea.... here is a crochet hexagon made with a 2mm hook then done in ceramic's, fired and painted.....

the round's here are to emulate bobbin's of a sewing machine

do you see all the wadding here and then the material, within the hexagon chain here.... gail really wanted to look at the way in which things are constructed.... the bit's of cotton you see on the outside are actually her design too....

all in all i have had a fab time with Gail and her installation, which is now on show till September the 5th at the tower museum,
running along side the loose threads quilting exhibition i shall be posting about that tomorrow too


i look forward to working with gail in the future, but i'll let you know more on that later

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  1. I love that crocheted hex! They'd make great coasters.
    Thanks for your comments, and encouragement. My latest catcher is awaiting the feathers. Waiting....


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