5 August 2010

my list ticked....

so today has been a busy day filled with list ticking....
i met my mother in-law for a catch up, which was ace been a while since we've spent so much time together.... i am a lucky lady to have a lovely mother in-law, as so many people have bother's with theirs mine's is very thoughtful and blunt when required.... what more could i ask for :))

speaking of the lovely jean..... she bought me this a few week's ago, like i said a thoughtful woman, i live in northern Ireland and my dad is in Scotland so she bought me this so i have something to "visit" if you like. and it hit's the nail on the head something i would never have bought myself.... she understands i feel i have no stone or plaque to go to so she said do you like it? you could light a candle..... and you know what i will it now lives on my kitchen window sill and i see it everyday.

No.2 on my list was posting this to the lovely Kath who is my swap partner for Tilly's chic vintage swap ..... so looking forward to this one as i love a good rummage through the second hand shop's

and posting this for a wee fund raiser.... so sorry it's so late if your reading ... big cheesy forgive me smile is on my face right now!!!

No.3 was to try get organized for Finn's 3rd birthday on the 12th... i got all the party stuff required so..... just hand made goodies to make now
1. this camera strap
2. a birthday bunting like this maybe
3. a pencil roll maybe like this
4. and lastly a wee handy man belt maybe like this

No.4 was the fixing of trouser's that we're more than over due a make over of sort's!!!

all in all i got a good lot done today..... the boy's were tuckered out!!! this is a single buggy but finn just could not stay awake so he shared frazer's buggy till i got to the bus stop then i took him out, and waited for the bus was lovely hugging him whilst he had his wee nap i got to give him kisses without him wiping then off!!

on the way to the bus stop i passed these guy's they were fab i do love live music but I'm a sucker for good drum's and these guys had them!!!!



  1. oooh! someone playing a Djembe on that photo!!!

    Thank you so much for my swap parcel - I LOVE IT - I will be posting about it soon - in the mean time - if you have sent me your address, I can't find it! e-mail me asap with it and I can post you your parcel!


  2. i totally suck forgot about that!!!!!! i'll mail you tonight xx

  3. Isn't it nice to hold and cuddle asleep little bodies:)?


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