24 August 2010

my confidence growing

so like the title say's my confidence is growing
i headed over to hansel & gretel today to see how my taggy's were getting on, and well,
10 have sold it has been a while but i am very happy with it!!!

see my taggy comforter's there????
on top of the granny square's blanket

there is lot's of new yummy stock in, i really do love Irish designer Aine Clarke colour pallet she really does have a eye for colour.....

there is a fab fab sale on at the mo well worth a wee peek
and for once a place with good stuff for boy's too!!!

the website

the facebook

the ebay



  1. Well done on your sales! That shop looks divine for dressing little ones.
    Kandi x

  2. Well done Traci!
    Super pleased for you, both because you have sold your taggys and because it has boosted your confidence.
    I hope its moving you closer to your shop :)


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