18 August 2010

an erra has ended .....

but a new one has begun.....

do you remember this post?????

well it has ended that was on the 31st of July i became a non breast feeder to this wee lovely boy......

i have to say it appears that i am a lucky mother as (touching wood as i speak) i have not had any bother, the first night was 15 mins crying i went in after 5 mins, then waited 10 more and he went to sleep, the night after was for 5 mins..... and it's pretty much been the same ever since never cried past say 10 mins crying at the most and he's now sleeping through till between 6am-9am depending on you know teeth..... and the mood he's in!!!

i feel pang's of oh guilt, loss....... but i had to stop the feeding i was no longer enjoying it...... also he is 19 month's old.... i said i was stopping at 13 month's....
so i just thought i would let you all know where we, me & Frazer were as you were kind in your word's which were very much appreciated



  1. How lucky you are to have a good little sleeper on your hands. I stopped breastfeeding all mine at different ages but each time seemed right for both of us each time. It's a funny feeling you get when you first stop though, don't you think..a little sad, baby's growing up & then a little excited that your wardrobe doesn't have to revolve around feeding!

  2. indeed i hear you no more feeding bra's!!!!! i will be cutting off the clips and keeping them for future project's and might just have a open fire!!!!!! bye bye bad bra's so looking forward to buying colourful bra's!!!! xx

  3. I think there is a twinge of guilt when we stop, but it is really good for all. We would hate to still be nursing them in kindergarten!

  4. Oh I am glad it went well for you both, it's another little milestone in his little life, and yours! Yeah to pretty bras again!
    Kandi x

  5. You have a handsome little man! :) My son is also 19 months old (almost 20 months already!)however, he was only breastfed once. :( I never got my milk in. And congrats on winning the lottery on having a good sleeper! My son sleeps well once he gets there...it's the getting there part. OH, and I wanted to let you know that your little tag square has worked wonders on helping to break him from the paci habit! WONDERFUL!


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