14 August 2010

finn's 3rd birthday

so three years have passed and......
my wee boy Finn is growing up before my very eye's....

i mean how did he get from


to here......

i still remember him being handed to me in the hospital....
"it's a boy"
my first question was
"is he ok...."
and he was and still is and of that i am very thankful

Finn had a ball at his part and loved his house i was so happy with the turn out, I'm glad that so many of his wee friend's made it over.... they really made his day,

the cake was much enjoyed by the......... mother's, all the kid's wanted the marzipan!!!!!

saying this everyone had to wait for wee frazer too wake he's been having so much bother with the teething of late bloody back teeth are killing him the wee dote....

when everyone was away home me and the boy's had the last of the bouncy fun..... finn really did love it infact today when we woke he asked
"where bouncy????"
to that i said
"away home"
i defo found this easier than the question
" where woody"
when he opened the buzz light year !!!!!

i hope everyone is having a fab weekend
have you been up to anything fun????



  1. Happy Birthday Finn :)

    Looks like a great party - love your Thomas cake :)

  2. thanx a million vikki how are you keeping i shall have to mail you later feel's like it's been way to long xx

  3. Happy birthday to the little one! They grow so fast.
    Kandi x

  4. Happy Birthday to your little big boy! The little (big - I know, I already said that) house looked wonderful and so festive for the event!


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