19 August 2010

quilting & giveaway win

so peep's how's your Friday going......
mines is going fabi have been doing a lot of quilt book buying all second hand...... and off the internet.... have been more than inspired,

i have my only granddad's birthday coming up and i think that this quilt is more than easy but will help me with my cutting skill's..... and he will be so chuffed at the effort this is from the big book of quilts & quilting

in another book i have found this quilt i think it will be a ace decoration for festiveness :)) it's size being 170x170cm will be a challenge !!!!! maybe this will be for next year!!!! this is from quick quilting

the creative quilter look's to be a very informative book much more write up than the others i am intrigued by the sashiko quilting and love the wall hanging too

and i have saved the best till last folk's....... i won a giveaway over at kelly's this lady is so talented and even more organized.... did anyone catch her sew-along???? only one word for her FAB..... and only one for me CRAP!!!!!! i am still on part 2 there are 8 part's but this will be a Xmas present to it's OK to fall behind!!!!! OK OK i'm wandering i know!!!! the book i won was a book i have been lusting over for .... well since it came out!!!!! whip up mini quilt's i feel so lucky to have won this and after my mountain of to do's i shall be trying my had at the follow your heart art quilt....

have you guy's got your eye on any fab project's ?!?!?!?!?



  1. Some baby items are on the way... pants, tops and blankets galore!

  2. Yeah you lucky thing well done!
    Kandi x


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