9 August 2010

tutorial anyone???? kid's camera strap

hey there peep's so as you may have noticed my oldest Finn is having a birthday on the 12th..... nothing like a imminent dead line to kick your ass into gear....
so here is my first ever tutorial for this...

a kid's camera strap made from all your scrap's

fabric requirement's are
--- 4 x cotton approx 4.5inches + 1/4inch seam allowance by 5.5inches
--- interfacing or fleece for padding 16.5inches by 1. 3/4inch
---felt, vinyl or denim scraps 4inches by 4inches
---string or like notion

firstly choose your fabric's place all 4 in a neat pile one on top of another and cut your 4.5 +1/4 inch x 5.5 inches

go to your machine now and with the right sides together stitch the 5.5 inch sides together

i chose to use pinking shears at this point but totally optional, now to press the seams i reckon that seams are stronger if pressed together but this is all about preference i think..

now for your interfacing i used a type of fleece this should measure 16.5 by 1.3/4 inch

now to make the channel, get your strap and iron a seam of 1 inch to the bottom

and 1/2 inch at the top

now place your interfacing inside making sure that you have tucked it in to the 1 inch side so the 1/2 inch is resting on top

now go back to your machine and sew your strap together taking care to catch both sides :)

now to cut your denim or felt whatever you chose to use 4 x 4 inches then cut in 1/2 i used my pinking shears as i used denim which will fray..

now cut your string at 16 inches, that may be to long i just guessed!!!! can't let the wee guy see his pressie now can i !!!!! tie a knot leaving a tail of 1 inch

now sew the string 3/4 inch in so you catch the knot like this remembering that this is attached to the camera!!!!

now for the denim patches we're on the home stretch now!!! you can baste but i'm to impatient for that!!! so i just went on sewing.... with the camera leaning about the side of my machine, i sewed a square with a cross

and thats you done you can trim with your pinking shears if needed!!!!

so peep's how was it did i do good maybe did i leave anything out??? please do tell me and if you make one (for personal use only please) then let me know i would love to have a peek!!



  1. Great idea Traci,
    My girls have a camera each too, I am not sure that it has a place for a strap though :( Maybe you can make a camera bag tutorial next time!

    Also, this may help you out, I use a safety handle on my quilting ruler when cutting with my rotary knife, it makes it easier to hold and press down. You can get them from ebay, I paid silly money for mine and it makes the job easier!

  2. think i have been bitten by the bug of quilting so have to get a bigger mat and ruler also i've seen the handles they defo make thing's look easier!!!! xx ps so glad your on the blogness again love it xx

  3. I Like it - very good idea not just for camera's either can use it for certain mobile phones too ;-)

  4. You are 'bookmarked' now as well!. Thanks for this great tutorial. I like the idea of using it for bag handles too.

  5. wow, this is great Traci! I love all your bangles!

  6. what a great and quick way to use up some scraps.


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