24 August 2010

toot toot & crochet!!

hey there....
so me and the boy's had our first ever train journey, we went to portrush
the journey was longer that i thought, but the view's were amazing,

so after 1.5hours and a change we were at our destination!!!

the beach is to die for who would have thought a beach so white and a sea so blue in the uk...

i managed to get the last of my crochet trim finished whilst on the beach!!! this has been a long time in the making so can't wait to get the whole thing put together!!!

and of course we had a go at the show's we call then in Scotland but in northern Ireland they are called the amusement's!!!! i can't wait till they are older to go on the scary rides!!!!

on the way home we had a better journey as we managed to get a table!!! do you recognize the crayon roll??? i love the view out the window i would love a caravan, i have even bought one of the saving's you have to use a can opener to open...... all me sewing money goes in there!!!! wish me luck

so peep's what did you get up to this weekend??? anything fun

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