18 August 2010

sunday funday

so another day of sunshine graced the emerald isle Sunday passed

so we headed down to the wee harbor Finn really does love seeing all the boat's,

then off to the beach we all had such a fab day. Finn loved the sand, Frazer loved the water and i well i just loved watching and picking shell's.... wet pocket's just reminds me of being a child and spying all the lovely shell's and stone's!!!!!

after a while we we headed home i got some crochet done in the back garden did you see the new banner :) also i am loving that there are actually food stuff's growing in the back garden!!!! i look there's a bush of rocket!!!!

we are at the moment being swarmed by wasp's not to sure if there is a nest about but up to 20 a day?!?!?!? hectic i really have no problem with bee's but wasp's ....... so not keen on them...

did you get up to anything nice this weekend ?!?!?!


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