29 April 2010

rae rae rae how do you like it how do you like it?!?!?!?

so this is where it all began!!!! this lovely lovely rose, i just love it :)

the colour is so spring summer, vintage like , it want's to be touched but you dare not it'll fall apart!!!

i seen on a blog i was following that Rae was having a top challenge and jumped at the chance.... i say jumped it took for ever to find the fabric...

but when i did i moved all the clutter in my sewing room to the side see last post!! and got to work on my pattern......

i knew straight away what had to be done!!!!! :)))))

so pattern drawn now the scary bit have faith in myself and cut the bloody fabric!!!!

pin it and sew....... that done i have to say i wore the top today with may a compliment was given and 2 lady's i know asked me to make them one too!!!!! :))))

the brooch is made from my stash of ribbon and lace as well as a broken and much loved chain..... the button is from my granny matties collection....

the keyhole idea came from the rose.... being round!!!! and i really wanted to do kimono style sleeves as that's what the rose made me think about .....

all in all i am very proud of my first ever top design i believe it turn out better than i thought it would ......

i have to thank my friend Sharon for putting up with me saying dose this look good does this look good let me see!!!!! she caught this pic best i reckon
many thanx

IF I GET INTO THE TOP 60?!?!?!?!?

AND VOTE FOR.........




my creative space: 29/4/2010

I'm a bit late today was first last week!!!! but I've been busy on my Rae top which is now done just photo's to get done & put up wish me luck!!!! please vote for me!!!!

in my creative space this week i have a dress/tunic "made in Thailand" that i found for £3.99 in a second hand shop. and a pattern that i had in the bottom drawer.....

this is project 2..... linen i found in the same "shopping" trip!!! and for £2.75 :) i am making this wee bag a free tutorial too :)))

and this here is my sewing room or what will be when i get is fixed !!!!!
(and a sneak peek at my elephants)

how about that for a "NEED TO STASH BUST"..........

so this week i have made a start in the tidying up of my lovely room

i just hope i get a bit further than putting thing's in basket's!!!!!

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27 April 2010

sunday fun :)

well it was another weekend in banana's :)

the Frazer has lost the fear of the bridge!!

Finn still loves the ball pit!

we discovered the racing games too Finn really did enjoy this too
(I'll regret it as he'll want on every time now)

Frazer was tuckered out after all that fun!!!

this is also a first i decided that this could be my way of utilizing the baby bath and made for some good fun on a especially rainy day as we had to stay indoors!!!


rae so far!!!!

so my Rae top challenge....
yes the closing date is the 30th...... yes of this month......yes 3 day's away
now i have it i know what i am to do!!!!

this has always been the inspiration
it's from a lovely bunch of roses i got for mothers day

this is my sketch I'm not the best at drawing but the picture is clear in my mind!!!

this is the fabric

this is my brooch
all is from my stash!

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ladybird love

another ruby red Tuesday is upon us....

i noticed this poor wee lady bird on my cistern last night ain't even that old :(
i added my heart pin as it's red.....
thought I'd share

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26 April 2010

our good deed

so me and Finn done some baking on Thursday for a fund-raising event for a friend in the Derry well woman centre..... finn was quite the chief ( and with my Thomas the tank engine apron on too!!!!)

first the butter and the brown sugar were creamed

then the egg and vanilla essence were beat in.....

now for the flour and baking powder.......

(the camera ran out of battery ran out so were on the phone camera hence the light change!)
now we added the oat & raisins

rolled to the size walnut's and pressed, ready for the oven......

now how's this for training them young huh.... he's 2y 8m :)

you wanna make these beauty's ???????????????

the recipe is from Anabella Karmel's super food book so it's good for you and the kid's well that's what i say myself when i much through them!!!!!

  • 115g (4 1/2 oz) unsalted butter
  • 100g (4oz) caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla essence
  • 140g ( 5 oz) plain flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 100g (4 oz) rolled oats
  • 100g (4 oz) raisins
grease proof paper ..... i only say this as i have got to the end of prep only to realize i had none!!!!
pre-heat the oven to 180 oc /350 of /gas mark 4
it says 15 mins but i am fan assisted so i say just check after 10 to see how they look if they are golden brown yank them out leave them to cool and enjoy

ps i always use salted butter and then ignore the 1/2 tsp....

25 April 2010

how it is.....

Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.
-- Cecil B. DeMille

good oll rummage

i had a great week..... many a great find was found......

i actually collect elephant's but these were too cute to walk past and at 50p.....

it is claimed i a am a Pat Butcher in training!!!!!! huh the cheek anyways these are a new pair of dangly's to add to my collection!!!!! - £2.49

all three of these will be in my creative space in the next2-3 week's!!!!
the skull's are for a bear from either toys to sew or cute doll's both book's i have to say i treasure
the linen will be used for this tutorial and this one too if there's enough!!
the stripey tee will be a bunny :)
all three were 80p each

these book's cost £1.30 from my lovely library they have a shelve on sale all the time so i keep a ever vigilant eye there for fab book's it's been a god send so far and Finn get's to choose too the Neil diamond is for granny Mattie...

these shoes are to die for and for and at £4.50 you can't knock em!!!!!
so happy they were my size and maybe worn once!!!!!

and last but not least....... my new home for wool crochet hook's etc is this lovely bag with zip closure keep's the kid's away..... £2.50 this is just until i get the time to start this lovely bag
the train was bought this week too for 75p but is already missing a tender!!!!

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23 April 2010

finding the groove

so the crocheting continues much to my joy!!!! it's something new for me to learn and i can do it when the kid's are about and with much ease :)

i recently got this book from my lovely library called "not your mama's crochet" by amy swenson
it is a fab book........ now that i have realized i am not going mad.... the pattern's are in need of conversion they are American...... i didn't know there was a difference!!!!!
this little lovely is called " round peg in a square hole" none to imaginative but it say's exactly what it is!!!!!

this here is from my ever fav port of call for any crochet craftiness attic24 this lady is a gem she share's here knowledge..... and I'm sucking it all in!!!!!!!
this is meant to be a snowflake but the star was too nice, i will do a snowflake for sure.... and soon

this is my attempt at flower's and leave's the latter need work!!!

these are my picot flower need's work but it is my first go!!!!

fancy a bit of the old hookin........
head over too


22 April 2010

fix-it-friday 23.04.2010

hey there well it's been a busy week at chez Traci......
and I'm pretty tuckered out just now!!! so this will be short but sweet.... :) x

my oven is shameful or should i say was shameful.... it took about 2 hours of soaking in biological soap powder and lot's of elbow grease to clean this baby up!!!!!

but here it is nice and shinny so I'm happy i took the time to do it i didn't realize it was so bad!!!!!!

also i was given this top to fix for my niece as it's a one of her fav's such a horrible fabric to work with when it's so ripped too!!!!!

but i reckon she should get a bit more wear out of it now .....
and it gave me some more practice :)

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21 April 2010

my first teeny weeny crochet flower

thing's are going well with the crochet..... today was a teeny tiny flower quite fiddly but i did use a 3mm hook..... so to be expected!!!!

i reckon it came out OK i have to sort out my tension..... but i knew i was wound up a bit tight!!!!! but that's just me!!!!!
once again i got the tutorial from attic24 she's some gal!!!
and so easy too follow!!!!


fast & fabulous

so this is a quick tutorial i found over at verypurple sooo good for using up your scrap's and it has kept me sewing !!!!! i have promised myself i will sew or do something towards craftiness everyday ....

it took no time at all and i found it very rewarding!!!!! and i had a reason to bring out my much loved pinking shears!!!!