14 April 2010

breastfeeing update!!!!!!

this is more for my sanity than yours I'm sure but it's a process i feel is helping so bear with me!!!!i am on day 4 night 3 of the trying to end his habit of a life time ...... day's seem to be going OK he is confused but not rolling on the floor crying for milk much to my happiness :0]
as for the night they are more hard work i am still aiming and succeeding in the 1 feed a day, that being his night time feed where the bad habit lies, he feed's to sleep which i am now enjoying again as when i was feeding through the day and night i was finding it more of a chore. so he is only getting that 1 feed then i am controlled crying my wee man i see cringes all around me right now but i (& you) must try to remember he is 15 months and no longer need's to feed 3 times during the night..... saying this night 1 he slept through, night 2 was way more hard work....a fluke i called it in my last blog entry!!!!! and a fluke it was he woke no less than 4 times but only after being re settled briefly ha went back to sleep after say 30 mins, i do truly feel bad that i am "doing this on my wee boy Frazer" but i do feel that i am making more restful sleeping routines for us both.... as for last night being night 3 he once again slept though..... from 8pm till 8.30am...... wow i say. i know that this was due to sheer exhaustion from the night before but i have my fingers crossed I'm getting somewhere.

children are a handful sometimes, a heartfull all the time.......
-author unknown


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