21 April 2010


so the mailman was good to me again this morning..... my parcel's arrived
this is the vintage yummyness (1985) i "won" on eBay for just £2.21 ... there's 8 different types of edging

  • ring trellis
  • goffered lace
  • narrow edging
  • baby edging
  • cairo lace
  • point edging
  • spider lace
  • filigree lace
i am soooo happy with this buy and the lovely lady Mary selling it put in 3 oddment's of thread too thanx again!!!!! if you would like to know more about the pattern's please leave a comment i'll be sure to get back to you :)

and this book i have had out of the library for month's and month's so i bought it to keep on my own book shelve it's such a good book with pattern's i go back to over and over again!!!

i only wish the seller had been more honest as she was just buying it from amazon and getting it deliverd to me ...... i suppose she's making money but well i though it was a bit off.... well i should just be happy i have the book OK i hear you!!!!!

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