5 April 2010

my creative space

so in my creative space is granny Mattie's tea cosy....... still yes still but i took forever to find just the right quote, i love my granny a lot and it took forever to find . this one hit's the nail on the head as we both collect ornamental elephant's and i will never forget what she has done for me she has been a consistent rock for me someone i can share my everything with...... she gave me my first bra, tough me to knit & crochet, gave me the freedom to feel and make my own mistake's without too much judgment!!!! i miss her very much and look forward to seeing her on my visit back home soon xxx

this is my quote finished my wee boy Frazer was having a bad night teething poor wee guy has 4 teeth coming through so not a happy camper, as i am still feeding him the only way to console him is breastfeeding well that and teething powder's, gel's & the blessed calpol!!!!! i seen this as a ideal photo opportunity. keep an eye to see the finished tea cosy it's pinned and ready to go!!!

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