16 April 2010

fix-it-friday 16/04/2010

hey there and welcome to my latest installment to my fix-it-friday check out maya*made blog she is the creator of fif...... she's very much a do-er my kinda woman!!! and has given me the the get up & go i needed to sort out a rather long list of "thing's " to sort out......
so today we have a rug not the most exciting you say huh...... well i would tend to agree but i do get in to thing's when i get started, and this fif is meant to be to fix the old and battered and not waste money & buy new.....

here is the rug might not look that bad but up close..... well let's just say not so good!!!! also i actually hovered this rug within a inch of it's life 35mins it took to get off all manners of toddler stain's..... banana, fruit puree, milk, sudocrem (which Frazer got a hold of this morning & decided it looked good on my much loved rug!) to name but a few believe me this task worked up a sweat!!!!!

Frazer had a ball with the flex from the hoover.......

& Finn came down for a visit too wee poser!!!!

but this is the final result, i am very proud of the outcome, I'm glad too because this took no less than 2 hour's..... and with a dish brush + a spray filled with nearly boiling water & some Daz...
i only wish that my partner hadn't come back and say good job.... by the way i have ordered a steam cleaner for next weekend we cam sort out the carpet...... phff you couldn't make it up we've needed the carpet done forever!!!!! well all that being said I'm still glad i got it done the chances are if i didn't do it then the cleaner wouldn't have been on order!!!!!!
well watch this space & this one too & go on you know you want to fix-it-friday!!!!

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  1. i do love the design on that rug. very eternal, timeless (i think).
    thanks for visiting!


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