12 April 2010


so here it is my fix-it-Friday..... it was done on Saturday.....and put up on Monday. kid's who'd have em!!!! the concept comes from maya*made i don't know how to do link's yet please bear with me!!!! i have tried and hope it works!!!! basically on a Friday do one of the many thing's within your life that you deem as needing fixed..... i needed this kitchen drawer fixed

firstly it was a mess!!!!

secondly the front was about to fall off!!!!

so my eldest Finn was away at his granny, so i had the help of my wee guy Frazer!!! so with no more nails and 3 nails just to be sure the drawer was fixed!!!

and i manage to clear out the drawer.......

and am very happy with the result......
i am now writing out a list of things to do



  1. Great work! It feels so good to fix something, especially when it's a drawer that we use everyday!

  2. i would have to agree i shall be a avid follower of fif !!!!! thanx for the idea!!!


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