8 April 2010

my day of rummaging

hello there again well it's been a couple of crazy day's this end, i have been attempting to sew.... in vain i may add! the boy's always have other ideas. i have now pinned my granny Mattie's tea cozy so it's a work in progress, also i have pinned a pot stand, oven glove and mobile to match it, i have to say i am proud to have got that done too i just wish i could sew whilst they sleep without fear of the wee guys waking up!!!!
also i had thought i had a flu coming on but it turn's out i have a ear infection :( which is very sore,well that's enough of the moaning for just now. so today has been my first day outside for a couple of day's, it turned out to be quite fruitful....... first i got a couple of thing's posted off (read earlier post re eBay!!) i evaded library fines for late kid's dvd's. now for the fun stuff i got to do my second favorite pastime..... secondhand shopping :) it reminds me of being back home with my most loved granny Mattie xx

so my bargains today consisted of two necklaces @ £1 & £1.50 i do not plan to wear these don't worry i have much better plan's for these little lovelies... i will take them apart and do wondrous sewing stuff with them.......

this gorgeous bundle of material cost £6 yes £6 for all three the green roses is a pillow slip, as is the lilac the blue polka dot is 4 place mats they are a real good size defo a yard if not more i have been mulling over what may become of these and i reckon I'll keep the lilac to add a vintage feel to a top, the green roses have to many option's to list!!! and the polka dot's are screaming make me a crochet hook roll PLEASE!!!!

....... now these two..... theses are for my boy's the first are firstly the red football material is a pair of fully lined curtains from next which cost £5.50, and the Thomas the tank is bedding that came with the pillow slip too (& look's nearly vintage) so the boy's are happy!!!

...... now i am sort of cheating here, as these thing's were bought on another day of rummaging... but rummaging all the same the pirate towel was a mere £1 i just paid £9 for a Thomas one at Xmas!! the crochet cotton was 40p each :) bargain!!! the soft stuff is a rocket packet with play dough goodies for £1.25... i know madness it's no less than £10 in elc!! and last but defo not least the wooden toy he is for the wee guy Frazer happiness for £2

so i saved the bet in my eyes till last i am a avid baker at the mo i have made Finn a Thomas apron Frazer has the original template bought from the pound store!! and i am making one for myself but i seen this and i had to yes had to have it i mean a vintage Heinz tomato ketchup apron when i seen the £1 price tag i gasped and the quickly put it in my basket!!!! sad you may say but i say I LOVE IT!!!!!
so i am off for now hope to see you soon xx


  1. thanx a million Susan :)more secondhand shop find's than flea market's but i had to show them off :)


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