6 April 2010

our easter

so i am defo the new parent...... i love love my Easter card's the boy's brought home from creche as always photo's have been taken an i am showing them off ever the proud mother!!!! the toy room now has quite a collection growing

so on Easter Sunday all 4 of us went to see "ma" aka granny jean!! was lovely to see her as usual not to sure she felt the same Frazer the youngest has found that pitch of scream that could rival many a angry woman..... maybe shatter a window in the process. after "ma's" we all went to granny Peggy's...... Finn is now coming on with the talking and say's "hello peg" much to our amusement!!! so flowers and chocolate egg's were given along with stories told and love exchanged.... off home we went to have our........

yummy yummy lamb dinner........
mark is the best cook

so all that was left of our lovely day was to open the egg's...... i reckon that we done the egg's so late in the day because then the boy's would have never ate anything decent...... this could be a tradition we could stick too..... much I'm sure to the boy's dislike but i think that Easter is all well and good but there are only so many egg's you want your wee guy eating really?!?!?!?! no?!?!?!? so yes there were egg's but there was also a jumper or 2 some Thomas dinner set's a book and a couple of duck's too!!!!! i hope to be more organized next year and have lot's of hand made goodies.... and a couple of egg's too!!!!!
all in all Easter was great i had much fun...
and chocolate!!!!

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