14 April 2010

more rummaging :]

so i have been on the lose again and have picked up another few bargains, i do believe that thing's are all the better for being bought in the second hand shop's..... but i reckon it sort of reminds me of being dragged around as a child i now have fond memories of such Saturday morning's!!!!

today i got to 3 shop's and got 3 fab thing's firstly these lovely set of three tin's (one of them smell's of lavender) for £1.75 :] i will put these to good use in the sewing room!

................this is a foam jigsaw set for the boy's.... they enjoyed them in the bath tonight !
these wee only £1.50 so worth it as the boy's will get some use out of them..... well that's if Frazer doesn't chew the life out of them!

..........so i reckon i saved the best till last this cost £3.99 which i hummed and hawed about for at least a whole 5 Min's then i decided it would be in a creative space blog soon enough as a mini dress also it's really on trend you know! well so the magazines say!
so here's to this week's bargains.... find more rummagers here why not join in!!!!!


  1. I'm dreading the day the rummage shops realise how much we're all enjoying this and up their prices! (there are rumblings over here as I type)...

  2. there is a couple of shop's over here doing it already hence the humming & hawing over the above top..... maybe I'm just cheap on the other hand!!!! thanx for your comment's loving talking to like minded people beats facebook hand's down!!!!

  3. the colorfull dress so cute...


  4. love those tins! great finds :)

  5. What lovely finds! That top is great...can't pass up something fab like that :)

  6. That dress/top is awsome. Perfect for the beach as well! xxNick

  7. i love the tins in the first photo... very lucky purchase... i like using tins etc for storage!! :)

  8. Oh some lovely finds indeed here. So lovely to have you playing along this week.
    Sophie x

  9. flea market find's stops me going out and spending too much and i love to show off my find's!!!! so much fun i think i will most defo see you every week!!!!! thanx for the comment's ladies they make me smile!!!


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