23 April 2010

finding the groove

so the crocheting continues much to my joy!!!! it's something new for me to learn and i can do it when the kid's are about and with much ease :)

i recently got this book from my lovely library called "not your mama's crochet" by amy swenson
it is a fab book........ now that i have realized i am not going mad.... the pattern's are in need of conversion they are American...... i didn't know there was a difference!!!!!
this little lovely is called " round peg in a square hole" none to imaginative but it say's exactly what it is!!!!!

this here is from my ever fav port of call for any crochet craftiness attic24 this lady is a gem she share's here knowledge..... and I'm sucking it all in!!!!!!!
this is meant to be a snowflake but the star was too nice, i will do a snowflake for sure.... and soon

this is my attempt at flower's and leave's the latter need work!!!

these are my picot flower need's work but it is my first go!!!!

fancy a bit of the old hookin........
head over too


1 comment:

  1. how AMAZING is lucy's blog?
    i absolutely love it!!!
    the snowflakes are the cutest! i made a tonne of them for christmas and decorated my christmas table with them and gave them to some people for christmas. great fun!


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