17 April 2010

my magazine addiction

hey hey so i thought i would share my magazine addiction ..... they say admitting it is the first step!! so i managed to stop smoking 2years 11 months ago i'm very much nearing the 3 years stage which sounds good I've never counted the months till just there!!!!
i have now started a new addiction..... magazine's

i love this but I'm glad it's monthly the purse may just start screaming at me nooooooo!!!!

this mag does the same to your purse but as it goes they are the fashion page's i have found many a thing to lust over in these lovely glossy pages!!! PS doesn't Jen look great in this pic probably air brushed but... i like the look she's going for!!

well look huh it is one of the great high street greats it has very much affordable clothes that's if you've not found a fabric in your stash to attempt some kind of a copy of it!!! i do love a bit of idel gossip to so this is a must.....

now my beloved Grazia i do oh so love this mag and with it's top 10 stories with real life and sometimes very somber stories i feel slightly upper class with this in my arm!!!! crazy huh!!!!!

now as for sewing craftiness this is a firm fave it is more about sewing all over the little's and larges of it all i do love this it's where my pattern for my tea cozy came from and there are so many other projects to make too!!!!!

now burda huh i LOVE burda especially when i get the time to have a good read through it.... i have a fair few project's in these mag's with post-it's saying to do on them and one day ys one day i will manage maybe say 1/2 of them!!!


  1. oh gosh, i love magazines too and tend to have more around than i have time to read. then i keep them for a few months, thinking i need to tear out the pages i want to keep. what clutter it makes! hurrah to you quitting the cigs.

  2. thanx yeh a slightly healthier habit huh.... i have now bought fold-able boxes to save them in the vain hop i might make some sort of a look book!!!! first i need a scrap book but i thing at a time eh!!! thanx fro the comment :)


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