25 April 2010

good oll rummage

i had a great week..... many a great find was found......

i actually collect elephant's but these were too cute to walk past and at 50p.....

it is claimed i a am a Pat Butcher in training!!!!!! huh the cheek anyways these are a new pair of dangly's to add to my collection!!!!! - £2.49

all three of these will be in my creative space in the next2-3 week's!!!!
the skull's are for a bear from either toys to sew or cute doll's both book's i have to say i treasure
the linen will be used for this tutorial and this one too if there's enough!!
the stripey tee will be a bunny :)
all three were 80p each

these book's cost £1.30 from my lovely library they have a shelve on sale all the time so i keep a ever vigilant eye there for fab book's it's been a god send so far and Finn get's to choose too the Neil diamond is for granny Mattie...

these shoes are to die for and for and at £4.50 you can't knock em!!!!!
so happy they were my size and maybe worn once!!!!!

and last but not least....... my new home for wool crochet hook's etc is this lovely bag with zip closure keep's the kid's away..... £2.50 this is just until i get the time to start this lovely bag
the train was bought this week too for 75p but is already missing a tender!!!!

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  1. Wow, what a thrifty week you have had! I love the little owl ornament at the top. One day I will have to share my thrifted owl collection. Have a lovely week. xo

  2. cool bag, perfect accessory for working with yarn :)

  3. Wow, you've had loads of good finds this week!!

  4. My fav is the bag, one never has enough craft bags.This is the story behind the naming of Sparky http://collectingfeathers.blogspot.com/2010/03/sparky.html

    Although of late he has said I should never refer to him and not by that name...he made it up! xxNick

  5. You sure have been busy thrifting this week! What great finds....love, love, love wibbly pig! And thanks so much for the crochet links...maybe I should just take the plunge...weeeee! :)

  6. Love the owls! I also found a wibbly pig book at the op shop. My little one loves it and when he learns to read it will be really helpful too. xo m.

  7. That owl is so cute! And I love the bag too. Lots of lovely finds :)

  8. soooo... did you see the elephants i got then? on the bigger side, but hey!

  9. Great finds
    Love the owls

  10. oh my goodness!
    those shoes are AMAZING! and at that price... you couldn't possibly say no!


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