14 April 2010

my creative space*** tea cozy done!!

OK so it took 2 - 3 week's but here she is......
my granny Mattie's tea cozy!!!!! i have to say i am oh so happy with the way it turned out i used all the materials/fabrics from my stash as a part in my stash busting (lite...... lite as i cannot help but buy stuff from second hand shops..... i reckon it's OK just as i don't buy from the fabric shop here!!!! it sounds like I'm trying to convince myself here and your right i am!!!!)

i got the pattern from sew magazine which i might add is fab if you like crafting it's filled with many types of goodies & comes with the templates too!!!!!

i reckon my granny will be very happy with it & i hope she will enjoy it in her new house :]


  1. I found it! It looks terrific & I'm sure will be well loved. x

  2. thanx Kristy that truly mean's a lot coming from you..... i do oh so love love your blog!!!! :] x


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