20 April 2010

sewing mummy what sewing!!!!

yesterday was filled with a rather long list of thing's to do..... first was this..... me trying to sew but good old bob the builder was not to sure he liked this plan :) nor Frazer!!!!

i eventually got to do the curtain's for a friend he needed 10 inches off them...

i managed to get up town, & got everything but 1 thing done on my list!!!! i am a one for list's.... i also got a nose about the shop's this will be in a later post for my flea market find's!!!!

so when i got back home me and the boy's had a play out side i have i said before i love where i live i have all this space and a enclosed back garden it's sooo good for my boy's....

this swing was a great buy .....

they both love it ...... i just have to find a garden house in the newspaper now huh!!!! the boy's would love one of them

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