22 April 2010

fix-it-friday 23.04.2010

hey there well it's been a busy week at chez Traci......
and I'm pretty tuckered out just now!!! so this will be short but sweet.... :) x

my oven is shameful or should i say was shameful.... it took about 2 hours of soaking in biological soap powder and lot's of elbow grease to clean this baby up!!!!!

but here it is nice and shinny so I'm happy i took the time to do it i didn't realize it was so bad!!!!!!

also i was given this top to fix for my niece as it's a one of her fav's such a horrible fabric to work with when it's so ripped too!!!!!

but i reckon she should get a bit more wear out of it now .....
and it gave me some more practice :)

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