26 January 2012

Canooing fun!!

Hello :) how is everyone??

I will be playing catch up for a while because I have sooo many photos to share.....

Today is all about our canooing adventure. Over the summer me and the boys went to Creggan Country Park. What a ball we had, I thought the boys would have been too small but, they loved it as did I.

I've not done anything like that since I was at school, and forgot how much fun it was, it's also a damn good work out! Me and my friend janice had a race and my tummy was in agony after it!!

The lovely instructor took the boys for a while. So that I could have a wee splash to myself, I really was surprised at how much the boys enjoyed it... I thought fear would come into it a little more! But look at them! Sitting there lapping it up!

This is defo a day activity that I would do with the boys again. My wee sailors :)

thats me for another post as it's bed time over here at chez Traci

Nite Nite


25 January 2012

Finn's 4th birthday...

Hello there peep's

Today I'm posting about Finn's birthday, it was back in August but I figured Frazer's is just past & I don't want to leave the wee guy out!!

We had a lovely wee morning opening pressies....

We took Finn to a place called Red Castle in Ireland, it is such good fun.... Not only for the boys but if your a big kid then it's such a laugh, I love the dodgems they are soooo much fun!

Finn really did have the best day lots of his friends came for the party and it turns out he loves the dodgems too!! My boys are at such a fun age..... Still hectic but fun!

After such a exciting day they got a well deserved nap!!!!

We had such a great time, we've been back a couple of times. It has such a lovely beach too. I have a few photos of a different day out there. But that is for another post.

Hope everyone is having a ace Wednesday


24 January 2012

Photos are a GO GO GO!!!

So people I am now a go for photo blogging again.... I have the biggest smile right now.

My how the boys have grown in the last 7 months :)

Me and the boys were out to the cinema today see Alvin & The Chipmunks - Chipwrecked with our friend Nicole for Frazer's 3rd birthday, the boys enjoyed it and that was the main thing! I wouldn't be taking them to see it again that's for sure!

Frazer had the best time..... He got to make his wish!

You wonder where the times goes I mean Finn is 4 & half.... Frazer will be at nursery in September. It will be good to have some more me time I plan to use it crafting and making a perfect wee home!

I'm still off the smokes it's been 17 days now....
How proud of me am I!!!

See my wee puffer!!!

It was a super day that day lovely and dry..... Cold is fine, but wet is not for me!!

Well that's me for tonight... I shall be catching you all up on our summer with photos are promised.

Nite Nite


21 January 2012

2 Posts 1 day..... Resolved to sew in 2012

So like the title says.... 2 posts 1 day!

I am loving the wee nudge back into many things here...... Blogging , sewing, sharing and all that with a chance to win something too... LOVE IT!!!

I have only just descovered Very berry handmade, they are a inspiring bunch!!!! Many a colourful thing to gaze at and project to put on the to do list... you know you have one!!!! Anyways they have a massive giveaway over on their site. So much lovely fabric I can never say no.....

So my Sewing Resolutions huh.....

ONE- I will finish my quilts from 2011!

TWO- I shall keep a notebook with pencil beside my bed, for those midnight ideas!

THREE- I will make time to sew once a week...

FOUR- I will start and FINISH projects!


There it is..... My short but demanding little list. (For me that is!)

Do you have any sewing resolution??

Please do share!!!

If you have anytime you should check out very berry handmades wee links-


Ironing sewing crochet and more!!!!!

Hello and happy saturday to y'all!!!

Today has been a long but productive day......

I reckon I must have ironed my weight in clothes!!! And have to say I am dreading putting it away. All that being said I am so happy to have it done. And look forward to having to have everything at hand!!! I even have the school uniform done..... SSSOOOOO not like me!!!

I have been crocheting away and have finished one face cloth, have started the other.... I have been asked for one from my friend's mummy and will be getting lunch for me and the boys think I get the better end of the deal there!!!

Frazers 3rd birthday is on monday, I have his wee pressies in a box hiding :) I'm gonna take him and his brother for some ice cream as a treat in the afternoon. I love the new shop in town! Yummy Yummy!!!

I have my eye on this as my next quick fix in sewing...... I found it on the sewing directory facebook page. I first have to finish my friends kindle cover! Talking of the all inspiring Fiona over at The Sewing Directory.... Check out this....... I will be getting a post done up on this maybe later today!!!

Reckon I might chance my arm and try get this other post done now... The boys are happily playing behind me



18 January 2012

Beep Beep!!!

Hello there.....

How are we all today???

I have been out on another driving lesson this morning, the instructor reckons i'm doing real well..... I am so happy to hear that. He says if I keep it up i'll be driving in no time. Imagine all that freedom... I really can't wait to be able to say "right boys in the car we're off to the beach". I'll be reading away at my theory test book tonight!

Me and the boys are grand.... We're in the library for now, but will be heading to the fabric shop to buy some iron on interfacing. For a free bag tutorial I found through the Sewing Directory... Links to follow the library has a ban on links!! We are all gonna head home and do some re-potting of spider plants and chilli plants! looking forward to a little mucky fun with the boys!

Hope you are all well and happy

Happy Wednesday y'all!!


17 January 2012

Crochet crochet and more crochet!!!!

Today has been filled with crochet....

As ever ravelry is a wonderful place to waste away hours!!! hard to keep on point to be honest.

I am crocheting a few face cloths at the moment and am looking for nice edging..... For boys?!?!?!

Anyone any suggestions???

All I can find is this.... And it's great and simple but could do with a little more umph!!!

I'm still not smoking.... And am still counting the days till my own laptop arrives
Is anyone working on a fab crochet project??? would love a wee nose!!!

Till tomorrow

Have a great night


16 January 2012

Monday and still going strong!

Hello there, how are we all?

I am still off the smokes!!!

We are going good here.... I love Monday not many people can say that, but I love a bit of structure in my days and Finn going to nursery is certainly a part of that!

Frazer is happily running around the library just now, we've started taking books out again.... Now that the boys are no longer riping them up! That and the promise i've made myself..... NO more late charges... How can I be that forgetfull!! I won't tell you how much the last charge was, I could have bought the books twice over!!

Talking of books has anyone seen "The Libertys Book Of Home Sewing" I adore it!! might have to go get it on amazon! All my books out at the mo are all about decorating and sewing...

I have hopes of being re-housed soon... I shall for now, be staying in Derry but watch this space as things could change fast! Me and the boys have been in communiual living now for 7 months and it's hard going.... I think I can say for us all a wee home of our own will be GREAT! also it means I can sew things for the new wee home too!!!! I have started a ring binder with lots of ideas and inspiration... I do love a bit of cutting and sticking :)

I have been reading away at my theory test book, and will be back on the disk tonight.... The next lesson is on Wednesday can't wait... Beep beep!!

I have been trying to learn the wee notes my instructor has given me

Position Observe Move

Point Of Turn

The last one is very long and I have to practice.... I shall get back to you on that one!!!

I am counting down the days to be able to post properly eg, photos I ahve so much to show you!!

Well till tomorrow!!!

Have a fantastic Monday


14 January 2012

7 Days huh.....

I am oh so PROUD of myself

I have been off somkes for 7 yes SEVEN days!

I started when I was 13 years old till 26. I then stopped for 5 years! I was on the smokes for 5 months there....... I am using the Inhaler, reckon it's a good option, you still have something to do with your hands. The first 5 days were fine, have to say I was very irritable for 6! Feeling good today. I reckon i'm a pretty stubourn lady so fingers crossed!!

My aim is to stop the smoking, then I will be able to run a car for me and the boys. The freedom... I would love to be able just to drive and go on a weekend. There is so much to see in Northern Ireland. I miss Inch Island. I hope to take the boys back there this summer :)

Well that's me the boys and my friend ready for a wander around the town.

Have a fantastic Saturday talk to you on Monday!


13 January 2012

Just a quicky!!!

Hey there I told you I had found mojo

I was looking to put this picture up on my last post but the library wouldn't allow it....

I wanted to let you all know that I was finding light at the end of a tunnel then I remembered a tunnel I used to cycle through as a child..... This is it :)

I loved this cycle path as a child and have not thought of it for so long....

It's crazy what reminds you of things from your past huh..... Really have not thought of this place for an age!!!

Alot of fun was had here and alot of skint knees

Enjoy the rest of your Friday I have a kindle cover to be making, can't wait to share all my creations with you.... roll on my laptop delivery!!!!


I'm back!!!!!

Oh how good it feels to be getting back to blogging........ I have missed my rambling ALOT!!!! I will be posting with no pics for a couple of weeks whilst I wait for my netbook. I was going to wait and start writting when it arrived but it seems the mojo is back with evengance and I just want to type away!!

So where to begin huh.... It has been a hard 7 months, but I am now ready to dust myself off and march on with purpose. I feel that this has always been a positive blog and don't want my first post.... If any to be too down, so I may at some point tell you of my journey in the last few months but hey I might not.


My boys are doing very well Finn is in nursery and loving it he looks so much older in his uniform it's unreal! I have to say the school run is hectic but I've been at it since September so am gettting used to it! Although school dinners are a pet hate.... I mean all the washing!!!! Who knew there could be more washing.Frazer is chatting away.... infact he never stops! He is also singing away :) too cute!

We had a fantastic christmas, and I was overwhelmed by the kindness of others. The boys were spoilt. But their wee faces on christmas morning were just so lovely to see. I was worried that it was going to be cancelled this year! No joke. I shall get their photos up as soon as the laptop arrives!

For me I have has a positive start to the year.... I have stopped smoking only for the 6 days so far but every day is a day to celibrate! I have also started my driving lessons again :) And am now studying for my theory. Freedom here we come!

Well I shall have to go as I am on the library computer and time is now up.... But I shall be back tomorrow and hopefully I shall have remembered stuff and things to tell you!

Till tomorrow peeps


PS I can't find the spell checker.....

I shall have to sort this out very soon :)