18 January 2012

Beep Beep!!!

Hello there.....

How are we all today???

I have been out on another driving lesson this morning, the instructor reckons i'm doing real well..... I am so happy to hear that. He says if I keep it up i'll be driving in no time. Imagine all that freedom... I really can't wait to be able to say "right boys in the car we're off to the beach". I'll be reading away at my theory test book tonight!

Me and the boys are grand.... We're in the library for now, but will be heading to the fabric shop to buy some iron on interfacing. For a free bag tutorial I found through the Sewing Directory... Links to follow the library has a ban on links!! We are all gonna head home and do some re-potting of spider plants and chilli plants! looking forward to a little mucky fun with the boys!

Hope you are all well and happy

Happy Wednesday y'all!!


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