25 January 2012

Finn's 4th birthday...

Hello there peep's

Today I'm posting about Finn's birthday, it was back in August but I figured Frazer's is just past & I don't want to leave the wee guy out!!

We had a lovely wee morning opening pressies....

We took Finn to a place called Red Castle in Ireland, it is such good fun.... Not only for the boys but if your a big kid then it's such a laugh, I love the dodgems they are soooo much fun!

Finn really did have the best day lots of his friends came for the party and it turns out he loves the dodgems too!! My boys are at such a fun age..... Still hectic but fun!

After such a exciting day they got a well deserved nap!!!!

We had such a great time, we've been back a couple of times. It has such a lovely beach too. I have a few photos of a different day out there. But that is for another post.

Hope everyone is having a ace Wednesday



  1. Both your kids are so cute, and it is nice to note the milestones, it makes us appreciate how they grow, how far they have come, makes me emotional! My youngest just turned one a couple of weeks ago.

    1. I know... Where does the time go!!! Happy belated 1st birthday x


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