24 January 2012

Photos are a GO GO GO!!!

So people I am now a go for photo blogging again.... I have the biggest smile right now.

My how the boys have grown in the last 7 months :)

Me and the boys were out to the cinema today see Alvin & The Chipmunks - Chipwrecked with our friend Nicole for Frazer's 3rd birthday, the boys enjoyed it and that was the main thing! I wouldn't be taking them to see it again that's for sure!

Frazer had the best time..... He got to make his wish!

You wonder where the times goes I mean Finn is 4 & half.... Frazer will be at nursery in September. It will be good to have some more me time I plan to use it crafting and making a perfect wee home!

I'm still off the smokes it's been 17 days now....
How proud of me am I!!!

See my wee puffer!!!

It was a super day that day lovely and dry..... Cold is fine, but wet is not for me!!

Well that's me for tonight... I shall be catching you all up on our summer with photos are promised.

Nite Nite


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