21 January 2012

Ironing sewing crochet and more!!!!!

Hello and happy saturday to y'all!!!

Today has been a long but productive day......

I reckon I must have ironed my weight in clothes!!! And have to say I am dreading putting it away. All that being said I am so happy to have it done. And look forward to having to have everything at hand!!! I even have the school uniform done..... SSSOOOOO not like me!!!

I have been crocheting away and have finished one face cloth, have started the other.... I have been asked for one from my friend's mummy and will be getting lunch for me and the boys think I get the better end of the deal there!!!

Frazers 3rd birthday is on monday, I have his wee pressies in a box hiding :) I'm gonna take him and his brother for some ice cream as a treat in the afternoon. I love the new shop in town! Yummy Yummy!!!

I have my eye on this as my next quick fix in sewing...... I found it on the sewing directory facebook page. I first have to finish my friends kindle cover! Talking of the all inspiring Fiona over at The Sewing Directory.... Check out this....... I will be getting a post done up on this maybe later today!!!

Reckon I might chance my arm and try get this other post done now... The boys are happily playing behind me




  1. Want to come and tackle my ironing heap?? Thought not - just go off and eat ice-cream instead ;)

    Happy birthday to your little man xxxx

    1. I got mines finished so happy... glad to see the back of it!! :)


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