17 January 2012

Crochet crochet and more crochet!!!!

Today has been filled with crochet....

As ever ravelry is a wonderful place to waste away hours!!! hard to keep on point to be honest.

I am crocheting a few face cloths at the moment and am looking for nice edging..... For boys?!?!?!

Anyone any suggestions???

All I can find is this.... And it's great and simple but could do with a little more umph!!!

I'm still not smoking.... And am still counting the days till my own laptop arrives
Is anyone working on a fab crochet project??? would love a wee nose!!!

Till tomorrow

Have a great night



  1. I know the "problem" with ravelry.... It's nearly the same as with pinterest :)
    At the moment I try to crochet this one :

    1. this is very cute.... Thanx for the link!

  2. I've learnt in the past 6 or so months to crochet - OMG its addictive.

    Can imagine for you giving up the smokes that its a great way to keep your hands busy :)

    1. I am loving the crochet at the mo... I seen to be able to concentrate more on that xx


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