21 January 2012

2 Posts 1 day..... Resolved to sew in 2012

So like the title says.... 2 posts 1 day!

I am loving the wee nudge back into many things here...... Blogging , sewing, sharing and all that with a chance to win something too... LOVE IT!!!

I have only just descovered Very berry handmade, they are a inspiring bunch!!!! Many a colourful thing to gaze at and project to put on the to do list... you know you have one!!!! Anyways they have a massive giveaway over on their site. So much lovely fabric I can never say no.....

So my Sewing Resolutions huh.....

ONE- I will finish my quilts from 2011!

TWO- I shall keep a notebook with pencil beside my bed, for those midnight ideas!

THREE- I will make time to sew once a week...

FOUR- I will start and FINISH projects!


There it is..... My short but demanding little list. (For me that is!)

Do you have any sewing resolution??

Please do share!!!

If you have anytime you should check out very berry handmades wee links-


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