16 January 2012

Monday and still going strong!

Hello there, how are we all?

I am still off the smokes!!!

We are going good here.... I love Monday not many people can say that, but I love a bit of structure in my days and Finn going to nursery is certainly a part of that!

Frazer is happily running around the library just now, we've started taking books out again.... Now that the boys are no longer riping them up! That and the promise i've made myself..... NO more late charges... How can I be that forgetfull!! I won't tell you how much the last charge was, I could have bought the books twice over!!

Talking of books has anyone seen "The Libertys Book Of Home Sewing" I adore it!! might have to go get it on amazon! All my books out at the mo are all about decorating and sewing...

I have hopes of being re-housed soon... I shall for now, be staying in Derry but watch this space as things could change fast! Me and the boys have been in communiual living now for 7 months and it's hard going.... I think I can say for us all a wee home of our own will be GREAT! also it means I can sew things for the new wee home too!!!! I have started a ring binder with lots of ideas and inspiration... I do love a bit of cutting and sticking :)

I have been reading away at my theory test book, and will be back on the disk tonight.... The next lesson is on Wednesday can't wait... Beep beep!!

I have been trying to learn the wee notes my instructor has given me

Position Observe Move

Point Of Turn

The last one is very long and I have to practice.... I shall get back to you on that one!!!

I am counting down the days to be able to post properly eg, photos I ahve so much to show you!!

Well till tomorrow!!!

Have a fantastic Monday


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