13 January 2012

I'm back!!!!!

Oh how good it feels to be getting back to blogging........ I have missed my rambling ALOT!!!! I will be posting with no pics for a couple of weeks whilst I wait for my netbook. I was going to wait and start writting when it arrived but it seems the mojo is back with evengance and I just want to type away!!

So where to begin huh.... It has been a hard 7 months, but I am now ready to dust myself off and march on with purpose. I feel that this has always been a positive blog and don't want my first post.... If any to be too down, so I may at some point tell you of my journey in the last few months but hey I might not.


My boys are doing very well Finn is in nursery and loving it he looks so much older in his uniform it's unreal! I have to say the school run is hectic but I've been at it since September so am gettting used to it! Although school dinners are a pet hate.... I mean all the washing!!!! Who knew there could be more washing.Frazer is chatting away.... infact he never stops! He is also singing away :) too cute!

We had a fantastic christmas, and I was overwhelmed by the kindness of others. The boys were spoilt. But their wee faces on christmas morning were just so lovely to see. I was worried that it was going to be cancelled this year! No joke. I shall get their photos up as soon as the laptop arrives!

For me I have has a positive start to the year.... I have stopped smoking only for the 6 days so far but every day is a day to celibrate! I have also started my driving lessons again :) And am now studying for my theory. Freedom here we come!

Well I shall have to go as I am on the library computer and time is now up.... But I shall be back tomorrow and hopefully I shall have remembered stuff and things to tell you!

Till tomorrow peeps


PS I can't find the spell checker.....

I shall have to sort this out very soon :)


  1. I am so glad that you're back! I hope everything is going well. You have been missed. Take care and stay blessed! :D

    1. thanx so much tracy :) I shall be up and running in no time! x


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