6 September 2011

Crochet and so much more!!!

Well hello there peeps, yes I am still alive and plodding along....

Me and the boys are doing good, Finn is loving nursery and I have to say he's too cute in his wee uniform (photos to follow) He has settled in no bother no crying and tells me he will see us later and to have a coffee!!! couldn't ask for better!

I have been crocheting a hexagon blanket to keep my concentration up (photos to come), and it is working wonders, a girl gave me the wool and told me to create!! The pattern is over at attic24, I reckon if you wanna learn how to join colours and to bobble stitch, this pattern is a given!! And free!!

I have started a wee dress for my friend laura... She has just had a wee girl and called her Faye, I don't think I have seen a sweeter little girl! The dress is all polka-dots and ruffles. the pattern was half price from simplicity, and the dress is all made from stash busting!! Happy happy! I have also started a conveyer belt of teddies in waist coats which is also helping with the old stash busting!! I hope to have used up alot more fabric before I head on home...

Well I hope you are all keeping well, I am off to go do some drawing with the boys and maybe even a little baking!!!



  1. I'm glad that Finn is enjoying nursery school. :) I hope things are going well for you. I'm sorry that you've had a hectic past couple of months. I hope that your granny is doing well. I'll pray for you guys to have a smooth transition back to Scotland.

  2. thanx so much traci it means alot.... I hope to be up and running soon. xx


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