22 August 2010

my boy's rummage!!

so this week's flea market find is a bute!!!!!

me and the boy's went in to a couple of shop's looking for some men's bed-sheet's for my next quilt adventure!!! but alas no luck was had on that front but up on a shelve behind other dare i say it BORING toy's.......

i found woody!!!!!
if your a regular you can imagine my squeal of delight (on the inside) when i seen him after finn's birthday , this lovely woody cost us a mere £2.29 can you believe it, hence the squeal on the inside!!!!! and yes that is the typhoo tea monkey..... 99p

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  1. Excellent - am sure Woody will love living with Fiin :)

    Love the monkey too (I have one) - knitted toys are the best.

  2. cool! I have been watching toy story 2 ALL weekend as its Lowrie's favourite.
    Has Woody got Andy written on his foot?

  3. na no name...... yet gonna do frazer's on woody and we bought finn buzz so we have to write on him too!!!! we have been watching toy story 1 and 2 for about 3 week's no.3 is a bit scary being frazer is 20month's very sad too xx


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