14 August 2010

my juicy swap :)

a juicy swap you say
well i knew this was gonna be a good swap but this lady hit the nail on the head...

first the lovely wee handmade card :)) i love it so simple and yummy............ second talking of yummy, there is a cafe-tasse chocolate bar with my name on it with a hot cuppa when I've finished this post mmmm. third when i find my tea strainer i shall be enjoying my whittard green leaf tea, fourth 2 lovely wee post card's from the robert opie collection , fifth 2 packet's of fab bath salt's can't wait to have a relax with them. sixth (you naughty lady there was meant to be 5 thing's!!!) there is these to die for button's handmade by loogies.... i shall have to find the right project for them but for now.... i might just have to have a wee stroke... i know we all do it!!!!!

seventh & eighth are my most fav bit's your lovely handmade heart which will be pride of my notice board as will be my new soap dish i have to find a use for it other than soap?!?!?!?!? as i have a tiled bathroom!!! any idea's lovely readers????? I'm thinking maybe a pincushion holder keep it out of Finn & frazer's reach!!!!!
(i forgot to take a pick of my swapness but you can find it here!!!!!!!)

so i have to say that i have found yet another bloggy friend and her name is Kath aka Juicyfig.
hello there kath :0) hope your enjoying your yummy swapsies & newly found freedom :0)
i will defo be enjoying mines

and thanx to the lovely tilly for hosting such a fab fab swap



  1. Oh the swap goodies are lovely I love seeing what each person received. For the soap dish could you not attach it to the tiles with suckers?
    Kandi x

  2. Hiya - I am so glad you like your swap goodies! I never thought to count even though I printed off the 'requirements'!



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