29 July 2010

suggestions please my cs needs you

hey there happy Thursday too y'all

so today's creative space is defo different from the norm.....
for about 8 week's this has been in the making, now it is finished....

for the first time i have a ample back garden
the kid's now have more than enough space to play!!!

so this is where the wee hoose idea came form

from the min we started making it the boy's were very much intrigued!!!

i have loved this wee project, it's like my own wee hoose
i want a porch though maybe some more room's!!!

i had to have window boxes what wooded hoose has no window boxes!!!!

so the roof was slowly going getting put up i started with the staining
i had lost the paint brush so had to use one of the boy's!!!! to say it took forever is a understatement!!!!

so here we have it our lovely wee boy's hoose!!!!!
with flower's do you see then i shall blog about that in the next post as much fun was had!!!!

the roof is not quite done but that should be finished at the weekend
i have decided to go with no paneling at the front of the roof instead.....
please ignore the bad drawing but i want a big oval plaque with the boy's names and their hand prints on it.....

so lovely lovely reader's tell me what you think!??!!?!?!??!!?
and also i am calling to you for some inspiration... how do i fab this already (in my eye's) fab hoose up!!!!!

i don't want to ruin it

ps did i mention the unveiling will be on Thursday 12th august as that is my eldest 3rd birthday

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thanx kirsty


  1. How fun!!! That is a great house and I know the kids will love playing in it.

  2. I love your boys wee hoose!!!! My girls are 8 and almost 7 and they LOOOOOOVVEE their wee hoose too.
    Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment on my blog

  3. That is a fantastic house! the boys will love it heaps. can't wait to see the plaque :)

  4. Gorgeous house!

    Curtains! Every house needs some funky, bright coloured curtains. And maybe some matching (or totally not matching) cushions for plonking down on when a rest from playing it needed.

  5. Oh i love it! ♥ wow so much work too!

    Here's what i'd do ....... I’d add shingles to the roof in a contrasting color and paint the inside floor really bright with some outdoor paint and seal it.

    Why not cut up a colorful shower curtain to make curtains for the windows (easy to clean and won’t get soggy when it rains)

    …… and some stepping stones leading to the entrance …. what kiddie wink doesn't love to jump from step to step!

    Ok that’s all the ideas can think of hehehehe I am sure the boys will love it, just the way it is ;)

  6. This looks great - could I come and live there? Every house needs curtains and a throw. What about a little stove (you could make it out of some left over bits that you might have and some crochet food:)

  7. The cubby house looks very cute, your boys will have hours of fun playing in there. My girls have a cubby house and to jazz it up we have put up some curtains, put a little letterbox out the front and made it fun with a table and chairs and kitchen. Whatever old things I don't use anymore I gave to them like oven mits. Have fun finding things for their new little house.

  8. Fabulous house. Funky curtains and maybe some big cushions for them to crash in when they just want to chill out.

  9. WOW - I'll say it again for effect WOW! - you lucky, lucky boys. All the ideas I can think of are cover off in other peoples comments. I'm feeling a bit slack now as out girl's hoose is made out of cardboard and I haven't got around to painting it (although I have gone all Gingerbread house on the outside and drawn shingles, window boxes, a rabbit, doorbell, etc). I'm sure as your boys use it they will come up with little wants and needs, but I definately think some seating would be good. Lovely work, I look forward to seeing how this evolves

  10. Wow did you make this?! Awesome little house. I like the idea of curtains (shower curtain idea is fantastic). How about adding alittle something for your little artists. Possibly a chalk wall or get them to paint a large canvas to hang inside. The plaque idea is great.

  11. HOW ADORABLE!!! I love the house so much and it looks like your boys do too! I would give them lots of cushions to sit on inside with lots of bright colors. Maybe some windchimes in there or outside too--you could make some with the boys. Or even mobiles. Maybe some little crank-powered lanterns for extra lighting when drawing in there?

  12. Wow, their house is AMAZING! I want one for our girls. They will spend so much fun times playing in it, for years. Just lovely.


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