6 July 2010

my ruby tuesday

ruby red huh!!!!!

my ruby red this week is all about this lovely building (guild hall of Derry of city) i love all the red brick work, this pic really does it no justice!! i wanted to take a pic with little people around so that you could also see the new paving and water feature......

it has been a bit of a mine field of work's for the last while but when you see it like this you have to be happy with the outcome huh!!!

Finn and Frazer love it!!!!!


more red lovers here!!!


  1. So beautiful..and what cuties!!!

  2. Is that a church building? it is intricately build just very classy. Happy Tuesday!

    Wild blackberries

  3. WOW!! What a breathtaking building!!! Just lovely, and adorable little ones in front of it!!


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