1 July 2010

end of our wee term at creche

so it was the last day of term at the boy's wee creche they only go one day a week but i love them 2 hours, it's amazing what can be done in 2 hours now than before i had kid's ..... i mean what the f??? did i do with my time!!!!!!!!

and here they are the little apple's of my eye's

so we were to be ready for 9.55am not all that difficult i hear you say well.....
i say to you
it bloody well is with my 2 wee mite's!!!! LOL they love a good old wrestle in the morning weather that be over taking the nappy off, putting it on, putting on clothes or their jacket's. that being said when i mention the name "jimmy" he's the bus driver all wrestling ceases amazing!!!!
so baking done, Nappie's on, clothes on & jacket's too...

we run out the door leaving all this mess behind......
Finn run's out the door full of excitement "jimmy" is here
and guess what Finn stick's his lovely little foot in my newly baked banana cake i have to say .....
i was the funniest fecking thing in the world.... i am still having a chuckle to my self now!!!!
i still gave it to the creche staff and let them know that there was a muslin square was there so no actual contamination.... to be honest dear lovely reader's even if there was they were getting it anyways i had been up since 6.10am baking all their treat's!!!!!

hope this brings a wee chuckle to your lovely selves

have a fab day



  1. Last week was the last of preschool for my daughter. For four days a week, she would be gone for two hours... We now have two months of vacation until it will start up again! I do miss those two hours too! I was at a lost this week of when to go to the supermarket.

  2. Awww ~ your kiddies are GORGEOUS!!


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