30 June 2010

my creative space 01.07.2010

hello there lovely visitor's :)))))
a little late today the pinning of a quilt take's longer than expected!!!!

but i'm getting there now for the scary quilting bit!!!!!
this i shall practice tomorrow and will hopefully have something resembling a fab quilt by next week

my first pair of trousers well pj's really.... from a up-cycled from a bed sheet!!!!
there is another pair on the cutting table now :)))

and my labor of love Finn's crochet blanket is coming along nicely half way there now!!!
i will be starting frazer's as soon as I'm finished....

i am having a give away if you fancy a peek!!!!

check out more crafty peep'e at kirsty's!!



  1. You've been busy! I love the quilt design, and great upcycling on the PJ pants -I find here in AUS it is often cheaper to use flannel from a sheet than to buy the fabric - thats using a new sheet - an old sheet is even better!


  2. ooo the blanket looks sooo cozy!! and pretty colors! must have taken forever...

  3. You have been very busy. Nice to see one of your projects in use already. Lou.

  4. You have been busy! The crochet blanket is beautiful and the quilt is too!! You should have made your pants model work a bit harder :) He obviously likes them seeing as they are being worn.

  5. thanx everyone!!! my model was asleep!!!!!

  6. What a great Creative Space. You've been incredibly busy. Love the crochet blanket and it looks like the PJs are a big hit. Good luck with the quilting!

  7. OH the colours in the blanket are gorgeous! I think that's how I should have done mine. In long rows instead of squares. hmmm... I could start for the 4th time I suppose! lol

    Your quilt is great too. Looks beautiful. The quilting can be fun you know. I just wing mine & they look ok. I would love to be able to get others to do it for me but I feel like I have cheated then! So I do it, it's not perfect but I tried! It's a very satisfying feeling. Enjoy!

  8. what a busy gorgeous space you have

  9. Wow you have been so busy! Love the quilt and blanket but the pj's--upcycled and all, love them!

  10. I love the colours of that crocheted rug, gorgeous!


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