27 June 2010

back to rummaging :)

so it's been a few week's since my last showing of find's so here they are !!!!!!

this first pic is all free and from my mother-in law jean..... lot's of blankets and material and a fab Halloween decoration.... looking forward to that this year Finn and frazer will love it this year!!!!!

this is last weeks rummage and was more than ACE!!!!! a big ball of wool and it feel's lush..... a picture that made my heart skip a beat.... when i seen it was only a quid.... i was all the more happy i would have paid more too!!!! the peach fabric is printed 100% cotton and i do love the colour, also i got a couple of bit's or organza a good week!!!!

this week was OK... i got lovely blue fleece i will use for the boys pj bottom's a lovely table runner (but my heart is hankering for a few Dollie's they are no where to be seen) and 2x plastic knitting needle's!!!

all in all the mother-in law is a star and the rummaging shop's have been kind!!!!!

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if you have time i am having a giveaway on my blog if you fancy a wee look
I'm celebrating my follower's and my 100th post
my how time fly's



  1. Wow nice haul! That peach fabric is beautiful.
    Kandi x

  2. Believe it or not, that pic with the parasols is the wallpaper on my mobile phone! Glad your MIL is happy to part with her treasures!

  3. Lovely finds - the Japanese umbrellas are stunning!

  4. Yummy fabric!! What a generous mother in law!! Hope all is wonderful in your world :)


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