27 June 2010

fabric from france

so today i have some exciting news
my most beautiful friend lili came back from her visit home in Paris and came to my back yard i was on the computer Finn began shouting "amme amme lady lady" to everyone else this means "mummy mummy lili lili"

she came with this lovely little bag.....
marches de pierre dreyfus
it would appear to be the place sewer go for just a little bit of heaven

lili said she had the best time she spent the day with her mother & sister touching all the lovely fabric's..... also her mum told her she used to sew which she never knew!!!! lili actually thanked me she felt she had learned new thing's about her mother and had a fab day.... her sister picked the purple fabric and i have to say i actually adore it, her sister will be over in 3 weeks and has been kind enough to offer to bring me some more over :))))

so i do believe that this is now in my list of places to go... i mean all those floors all that fabric

and look at that and that's only part of one floor!!!!!
apparently there's the loveliest little man who operates the lift and he said to fit right in with his 1950's surrounding's...

so pep's i hope you enjoyed this post as much as i did and i've helped you stumble upon a gem!!!!

and thanx lovely lili!!!



  1. Gorgeous fabrics :)

    What a place to visit - just know you'd spend hours & hours & euros & euros in there ;)

  2. No I could not be trusted in there I would exceed all baggage allowances and would not be allowed to fly home, perhaps I could hire a van though... :)
    Kandi x

  3. That looks amazing and I am going to Paris in July! Thanks I will check it out!!!

  4. Aaahh Paris, wouldn't that be nice...I love your fabrics, gorgeous!


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