23 June 2010

my creative space 23.06.10

it has been 3 weeks since my last creative space
chez Traci has been a hard work of late
i am pleased to say that i am feeling like i have a grip on things again
and have found my blogging fingers and the crafty one within is looking to burst out and do stuff!!!!!!

this is my pt 1 of my sew along over at kelly's
i have fallen behind but am now rearing to go!!!!

this is my vintage lace crochet from the lovely fuoriborgo
she has been kind enough to share this rescued pattern
her blog is well worth a look!!
i am hoping when i get the whole of upstairs tidied up i find this again..... as i appear to have misplaced it :( wish me luck!!!!!

this is my vintage stripped blanket from bella dia for Finn's cot bed

and a close up!!!!!

and i saved the best till last..... this is my very own granny snugly shrug from our host kirsty.....
i have to say i feel this maybe the first of many

so fancy seeing more crafty goodness
head on over to kirsty's



  1. Such wonderful crochet goodness!! I like it all but especially the vintage lace crochet - may just have to follow that up myself! x

  2. Love the whole lot. Must look into the vintage crochet and the shrug ideas because is definitely a good time to snuggle down and do crochet. Cherrie

  3. Your crochet is looking gorgeous! Thanks for the links to the lace crochet pattern too.

  4. good morning, welcome back!
    your lacework is beautiful, it looks like butterflies..xx

  5. beautiful work happening! Love the vintage piece and the colour is perfect for the pattern.

  6. I'm loving the shrug and the gorgeous colour!

  7. Love the granny shrug, Kirsty sure did start a fashion revolution!!

  8. Loving all the crochet!!! Beautiful!!!

  9. Ohh, your shrug is gorgeous!

  10. I love the shrug, what a beautiful color too! The blanket is awesome too but it was the name of your Wee One that stopped me--that's my own Wee One's name!!! The vintage crochet looks lovely too but please do tell what your sew-along project it, it looks fun...

  11. Ohhh! So many nice things! I love that sage green color for the MAGNIFICENT vintage lace:)
    The granny shrug with wide 3/4 length sleeves is so stylish, heading over to kristy's - thanks for the link.
    Happy crocheting!

  12. Oh lovely work well done, I really want to get around to making one of those shrugs I'm hoping on the holidays I might get the chance.

  13. your crochet is lovely. i adore the green lace and the cot blanket looks fantastic

  14. I love that little shrug, the colour suits you.


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