14 July 2010

my creative space 14.07.2010

well hello there you lovely people!!!!!
another Wednesday night is upon me so here i have a wee bit of creativity to share with you.......

i am doing a this Wendy pattern that my local yarn shop gave me for free!!!! well i did buy the wool Wendy viva!!!!! i am so happy with it as i have not knitted in say.....15 years i have been using these video tutorials here ...... they have been more than helpful.....

so that's it this week....... i have lot's cut out for sewing but...... poor poor Adam aka my sewing machine is waiting on part's so hopefully next week i shall have some sewing goodness next week..... but until then i am glad that i have been able to pick up the knitting needles again

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  1. I can't wait to see it when your done .I love your color choice. Have a great evening.

  2. well done for picking up the needles again. its always nice to re-start something you leanrt to do years ago, and find that you can still remember how to do it...

  3. The internet is a very good teacher isn't it. You can learn at your own pace, rewind, cement & move on.

  4. That's looking lovely! Hope your Adams back in good order soon!!

  5. that colour is so good. keep us posted on the progress

  6. Hiya

    Errrrr.....i'm not quite ready to swap.....almost!!!! I have printed the swap details off about 3 times now!

    Give me until monday morning - I will make sure I am ready then!



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