2 July 2010

our happy sunday

just a a bit of fore warning peep's this is a epic post!!!!!

so it was a warm day and i really wanted to get some stone's to paint for the back yard, we all got in the car and went for a wee drive....

to get to the beaches we needed to go over craigavon bridge this is where "JAMES" lives aka the foyle train museum
Finn adores this place, he is a avid Thomas the tank engine fan

and off he goes, who knew that a rusty rail track could be such endless fun we played train's here for quite some time i thinki must have looked like a crazy person to people going by!!!!
we then go back in the car and headed inch island

now my pic's do inch island no favors here but i have to say that is is on of my fav spot's in Northern Ireland.... it really s oh so beautiful and tranquil so small quaint!!!!

and this is frazer's first time this summer at a beach Finn was asleep so he had me all to himself!!! he defo enjoyed a good wander around too very much the investigator!!! although at 17 months i so wish he had a little more fear!!!!!

after some stone choosing!!!! we all got back in the car and went to inishowen beach, we went to the quite bit it's flatter really don't know why people don't come here but hey I'm not gonna knock it!!!! keep away!!!! lol

Finn had woke by this point and was so happy to have woke up at a beach..... with puddle's no less!!!

the view's at this beach are outstanding.... the rotten pier, the boat's the sand with the wood's behind it!!!! i really do find this oh so very picturesque..... a real photographer's gold mine!!!!!

i have a thing for photo's with my boy's holding my hand.... it just make's me smile and my belly flip!!!! thought i would share this one

now this is a first for both boy's to be oh so near the water.... can you see Finn with his protecting hand...... all i could hear Finn say was "careful fwee careful fwee" fwee is what finn call's Frazer..... soooo cute!!!

i took a wee nip in to the water i love the sand in my toes and it's the best exfoliater!!!

so as our lovely walk draws to a close, still no crab has been found much to my disappointment as mark had found a live one earlier...a very small one and put it in his shirt pocket for Finn too see... somehow it escaped!!!!
but alas a crab was found finn was so feckin excited made it worth the search!!!!

so off we went to the car and just as if we had planned it i was putting frazer into his car seat and the sky opened up on my back!!!! i was soaked..... well my bum was.... i am so happy we got to have our day.... someone was looking out for us that's for sure!!!

so after my day of happy boy's, happy family, stone collecting, photo taking, sunshine & rain!!!!! i even managed to squeeze in a coffee and some lovely crochet...... all i had to do is bribe the boy's with a pop!!!! and all this whilst sunday dinner was being cooked ..... yes i had a happy sunday and am oh so very thankfull for what i have which is family and health

i hope you all have fab thing's planed for your weekend.... i don't think i can top this one but if i come close i'm more than happy



  1. That looks a great family day - your boys are so cute looking :)

    My eldest adored trains when he was small - we spent many hours riding on steam trains and visiting Thomas days.

  2. yeh was a fantastic day vicki really did enjoy it we don't do family things enough shame really the boy's are growing up so bloody quick!!!! i treasure these days xx


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